A Global Presence: Toshiba’s Subsidiaries Worldwide

A Global Presence: Toshiba’s Subsidiaries Worldwide


Toshiba, a renowned Japanese multinational conglomerate, has established a strong global presence through its subsidiaries spread across different countries. With a diverse range of products and services, Toshiba’s subsidiaries play a crucial role in delivering cutting-edge technology and innovation to customers worldwide.

Global Reach: Toshiba’s Subsidiaries

1. Toshiba America, Inc.

Toshiba America, Inc., is the North American subsidiary of Toshiba Corporation. With headquarters in New York, this subsidiary operates various business divisions, including electronic components, information technology, industrial systems, and more.

2. Toshiba Europe GmbH

Toshiba Europe GmbH is the European subsidiary responsible for promoting Toshiba’s products and services in Europe. It serves multiple markets, such as consumer electronics, healthcare systems, energy solutions, and more.

3. Toshiba China Co., Ltd.

Toshiba China Co., Ltd. is Toshiba’s subsidiary in China. This subsidiary focuses on providing products and solutions in various sectors, including infrastructure systems, industrial systems, electronic devices, and more.

4. Toshiba Australia Pty. Limited

Toshiba Australia Pty. Limited acts as the local arm of Toshiba Corporation in Australia. It offers a wide range of products and services, including consumer electronics, air conditioning systems, medical equipment, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the advantages of Toshiba’s global presence?

Toshiba’s global presence allows the company to leverage local expertise and resources, catering to diverse markets worldwide. This results in customizing their products and services to meet specific regional needs, translating into customer satisfaction and business growth.

2. How can I find information about Toshiba’s subsidiaries worldwide?

You can visit Toshiba Corporation’s official website and navigate to their “Global Network” or “Locations” section. There, you will find details about Toshiba’s subsidiaries and their contact information.

3. Are Toshiba’s subsidiaries involved in research and development activities?

Yes, Toshiba’s subsidiaries actively participate in research and development activities to foster innovation and technological advancements. These activities help bring new products and solutions to the market, meeting the evolving needs of customers globally.

4. What industries do Toshiba’s subsidiaries cater to?

Toshiba’s subsidiaries span various industries, including consumer electronics, information technology, energy, healthcare, infrastructure systems, industrial systems, and more. Their diverse portfolio enables Toshiba to serve a wide range of customers and address the unique requirements of different sectors.


Toshiba’s subsidiaries worldwide are integral to the company’s global success. With their active involvement in different markets and industries, these subsidiaries help Toshiba maintain a strong global presence and deliver innovative solutions to customers across the globe. Through their extensive product offerings and localized services, Toshiba continues to remain a key player in the international marketplace.

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